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6199 Canterbury Dr
Culver City, CA, 90230
United States

Los Angeles

Established in 2009, Clarke & Barba was inspired by a mutual love for one another and for fashion during a chance meeting in 1993. After establishing what is now Clarke & Barba, they have finally released a line of accessories for all to enjoy.

With their “fashion is about confidence” ethos, Clarke & Barba hope to share that confidence, share the fashion, share the Mode Populi.

“Fashion (Mode) for the People (Populi). Fashion is about confidence. It’s like walking with a smile on your face or having good posture. Wearing something that makes you look good on the outside will make you feel good inside*. Therefore giving you confidence to do what you want with your life. We want to share this way of positive thinking with the things that inspire us in fashion. To share the confidence, share the fashion, share the Mode Populi.”


* The apparel oft proclaims the man”





Silvano Barba


Some people say that the greatest thing about going to college is meeting people, and those people are absolutely right. It’s awesome that people will reach out to you based solely on one similar interest.

I got to chill with two freshmen I met via this blog, Cara and Jerry, for a bit today when Amy and I were shooting. I’m glad to have met and connected with them, because they’re basically cool as shit. Jerry’s definitely one of the most stylish dudes on my campus, so definitely look for some more photos of this dude in the near future.