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6199 Canterbury Dr
Culver City, CA, 90230
United States

Los Angeles

Established in 2009, Clarke & Barba was inspired by a mutual love for one another and for fashion during a chance meeting in 1993. After establishing what is now Clarke & Barba, they have finally released a line of accessories for all to enjoy.

With their “fashion is about confidence” ethos, Clarke & Barba hope to share that confidence, share the fashion, share the Mode Populi.

“Fashion (Mode) for the People (Populi). Fashion is about confidence. It’s like walking with a smile on your face or having good posture. Wearing something that makes you look good on the outside will make you feel good inside*. Therefore giving you confidence to do what you want with your life. We want to share this way of positive thinking with the things that inspire us in fashion. To share the confidence, share the fashion, share the Mode Populi.”


* The apparel oft proclaims the man”





Silvano Barba



Ikiré Jones in the house.


Style Shots—Menswear Pattern Mixing

Photography & Words by: Swabreen Bakr

A well dressed man is a thing to behold, here we have Wale, one of Esquire’s ‘Best Dressed Real Men’; a lawyer by day in our own fair city of Philadelphia and owner of an amazing menswear fashion blog where you can see him wearing goods from his upcoming clothing line: Ikiré Jones

One of my favorite things about menswear is that the closer you look the more interesting details you find. Here we find a lot of subtle things, like the color of one of his bracelets matching the buttons on his jacket, the yellow in his pocket square compliments the yellow thread on the jacket itself. The color scheme and texture of his shoes and suitcase also work very well together. This type of subtle detailing and accessorizing is definitely something to consider when putting together an outfit. Between the pocket square, jacket and shirt you have an fantastic mix of patterns. Pattern mixing is big for Fall in women’s wear, here’s a good example of how a man does it. 

Crushed it, as is tradition.